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How can Kurmi help with UC administration for financial organizations?

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Unified communications has been around bank institutions for quite some time. UC can do a lot, from providing a better experience for customers.

But also for employees themselves, be more agile, more flexible and better able to deploy and maintain day-to-day operations (especially during an unprecedented crisis, Covid-19).

Find out how Kurmi Software can make it simple!  can expand the value of administration tools by integrating with existing ITSM, teams, platforms, and processes

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Meet Kurmi

Kurmi Software Suite is the leading provisioning solution that automates UC workflows and processes across your entire UC and ITSM ecosystem. It allows IT administrators to manage all UC solutions through a single user interface, ensuring data quality and security without the need to learn and operate multiple admin portals for these platforms.

Kurmi is the most customizable, technically advanced tool on the market today. It reduces time-consuming, manual aspect of common and repetitive tasks like MACDs  (moves, adds, changes, and deletes)—saving time and reducing costs—while increasing IT staff productivity and job satisfaction.

No other company compares when it comes to features and capabilities for managing UC platforms. And Kurmi is both robust and scalable . . . it’s been tested for up to 1 million users.

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