Migrate easily
from your old IPBX
to your new
UC environment


Kurmi provides all the tools to simplify your migration operations.



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Automate and support your organization’s migration projects thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly solution

Use a revolutionary technology

Migrate at the pace you want

Reduce errors and save money

Perform a controlled migration

Discover how to migrate from your old IPBX to your new UC environment without a high degree of manual operations and coordination driving effort. Kurmi Software automates and supports your organization’s migration projects thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly solution and its built-in multi-connectors. Kurmi Migration Tool uses a revolutionary technology to extract data from legacy PBX (list of users including their service such as Avaya modular messaging), transform and load (create a new user into the CUCM by including their unity voicemail).

Cut the effort and duration of migrating legacy UC

Kurmi Migration Tool was developed to make UC migrations easy. Its powerful features reduce the effort and time it takes for migrations. Kurmi will provide you with all the tools, technology, and support services you need. Thanks to our built-in multi-connectors, Kurmi Migration Tool can connect to your Cisco, Alcatel, Avaya or Microsoft servers to discover your fleet and make an inventory of all numbers, telephone devices and groups deployed.

Reduce errors and save significant time

The powerful customization layer provided by Kurmi Migration Tool will allow you to match your uses from the source environment to its equivalence on the target environment.

Kurmi Migration Tool helps you tackle these time-intensive steps including:

  • Gathering the source data
  • Matching the data
  • Finding data exceptions
  • Cleansing the data
  • Finding functional gaps to the destination system
  • Cleansing the data or configuring the source data

20+ built-in connectors for the leading UC and Collaboration vendors

How does the Kurmi Migration tool work?



Connect the source environment & discover the ressources to migrate



Normalize, clean and transform your data



Review your resources, confirm your configuration



Migrate your data to your new environment



Decommision your legacy environment

Kurmi has 20+ Built-in connectors allowing to import, export information and configurations from many leading collaboration environments of the market. Regarding collaborations without connectors nor APIs, it will also be possible with Kurmi to import resources or configurations from file import.
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