Manage DID Numbers Without Using Excel Files


An Excel file with all the range numbers is a very important data set for any administrator. The goal is to make sure the file reflects the reality and is clean, organized, and up to date. That's not easy, and managing it over time and among multiple administrators can quickly turn into an impossible task.
Kurmi provides a DID number management feature. Say goodbye to maintainability issues and file sharing problems. All the numbers are listed in Kurmi, where they are organized according to several criteria.
To find out more, download our video tutorial.

Catering for evolving needs

Kurmi makes managing DID numbers easy. But above all, Kurmi is a set of carefully thought-out features designed to simplify the daily management of your unified communications and collaboration tools.

Watch and learn!

In this video, you'll find a detailed explanation of automated DID number management, and get a step-by-step view of a typical day in the life of an administrator using Kurmi both for individual tasks and those of the local administrator group.

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