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Overcoming UCC Complexity in Higher Education

See how automation can save you headaches

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solutions have more than proven their worth to higher education—it is difficult to imagine overcoming the challenges of remote learning and collaboration in the past year without them. But increasingly, the environments we find ourselves operating in are getting more and more complex: multi-vendor, multi-platform, multi-campus… it can all lead to multi headaches!  

Advances in the area of UCC automation and management, however, have been helping IT and telephony teams cope with this complexity at colleges and universities across the US. Initially created for use in the highly competitive telecom services industry, these tools are battle-tested and guaranteed to deliver time and cost savings for you and your telephony team.  

Join Kurmi Software as we discuss the toll complexity can take as well as tactics for mitigating some of its operational effects. Through real world case studies, we will demonstrate how your peers across the country have leveraged UCC automation to streamline a multitude of tasks, gain great efficiencies, and reduce associated overhead costs.  

You will learn:  

✔️ The understaffed team at a Northeastern college that gained the breathing space they needed to upgrade 5,000 users to a new version of Cisco and deploy all new Jabber clients by delegating tasks to helpdesk staff 

✔️ The team at a Western university that managed a platform migration from Avaya to Cisco with one-click provisioning/deprovisioning of thousands of users 

✔️ The telecoms team that deployed new collaboration and meeting services for 30,000 users nearly overnight during COVID lockdown by using bulk provisioning and end user self-service