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Unified communications hit the business world several years ago now. The first companies to adopt the new tools had very few tech vendors to choose from, offering a very limited set of features.
Today, the world of unified communications, and collaboration tools in general, has grown significantly. New tech vendors and new features have arrived on the market, and every tech vendor has its strengths and advantages when it comes to specific features.
This can make choosing the right unified communications solution for your company extremely difficult.

So why choose just one?

Catering for evolving needs

Daily administration of unified communications requires technical skills specific to each tool, and many of the tasks are redundant and have to be done over and over again.

At Kurmi, we decided not to support just one solution. Kurmi is a single administration platform that works with all unified communications environments.
No matter which UC & collaboration tools you are using (Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, or Alcatel-Lucent), you can provision them all via one simple, intuitive interface.

Watch and learn!

In this video, find out how one company's unified communications administrator provides services to users without worrying about technical skills or combining Cisco with Microsoft or Avaya.

Kurmi is designed to help you manage all the best unified communications and collaboration tools. Enjoy the best every tech vendor has to offer, and manage it all in one place with the Kurmi portal!

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