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Managing UC in the Age of
Cloud, Hybrid, and Multi-Vendor Deployments
Achieving efficiency and operational cost reduction via a proactive management strategy

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Businesses today face a complex decision: How to optimize Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) to minimize operational costs and maximize employee productivity. And, it's not just about choosing between cloud and on-premises solutions or supporting office versus remote workers. The real challenge lies in creating an enterprise collaboration ecosystem that empowers a diverse workforce, combining various UC&C platforms while keeping operational complexity in check.

In this Metrigy report, Irwin Lazar, President and Principal Analyst, explores the intricacies of managing UC in a hybrid world and the key benefits of proactive management, shedding light on the strategic insights that can help your business thrive in this dynamic landscape.

The Hybrid Reality

A Hybrid UC&C landscape is the norm. The majority of businesses operate in a hybrid UC&C environment, blending on-premises and cloud solutions. This hybrid approach allows flexibility and optimization of technology choices to suit varying needs. But, it also creates a web of systems to manage, complicating IT team's operations and workflows.

Challenges in Managing Hybrid Solutions

    • Operational Costs: Hybrid UC solutions pose challenges due to operational costs, necessitating efficient management strategies.
    • Visibility and Integration: Integrating multiple platforms leads to a lack of visibility and consistency, making centralized management crucial.
    • Security and Compliance: Ensuring consistent security and compliance settings across diverse systems remains a major concern.

Key Takeaways from the Report

  • A centralized UC management platform streamlines provisioning, automates configurations, enables self-service, and integrates seamlessly with HR and IT systems.
  • Companies leveraging specialized UC management tools see significant cost reductions, including a 36.9% reduction in operational management costs and a 46.4% reduction in initial user provisioning time.
  • Choosing the right UC management tool matters. Prioritize one that supports current and future UC&C platforms, ensuring seamless integration and flexibility in provisioning.

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