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Client case study: Acoss Urssaf

How did Acoss Urssaf automate Unified Communications admin
to efficiently manage more than 15,000 users?

Acoss Urssaf’s challenges were formalized in an RFP in 2017.

1. Unify its telephone infrastructure – Initially distributed among Alcatel-Lucent, Mitel, and Cisco – into a single technology.
2. Manage its 17,000 users.
3. Deploy new communications features. And do this all while optimizing operating costs.

One of the key items for Acoss-Urssaf was securely delegating telephony management to non-experts in each region while partitioning its various entities. These options are not natively available in the Cisco admin solution.

After analyzing different proposals, Acoss-Urssaf chose the NXO integrator with Cisco technology. To strengthen its value proposition, NXO integrated the Kurmi Unified Provisioning software solution to simplify Cisco’s UC admin and meet the challenge of reducing Acoss-Urssaf’s management costs. NXO and Kurmi Software positioned their offer, which fully met the needs expressed in the RFP.