Cisco HCS, UCM Cloud

Use a Single Pane of Glass
to manage your UCaaS offers


As the 1st certified Provisioning Domain Manager for Cisco HCS, Kurmi Software has equipped large enterprises and Tier 1 service providers on four continents.

Kurmi helps you drive profitability and increase customer satisfaction by allowing you to:

 Design your own UCaaS offers in seconds


 Benefit from advanced automation for zero-touch workflows with connectivity to AD
 Deploy, operate, and optimize your UCaaS offers with user-friendly GUI

 Differentiate with Kurmi’s highly customizable UC management platform

Boost your productivity by deploying pre-planned scenarios and engineering rules

 Pair any applications with the Kurmi SDK Connector and Services Factory

With our industry-proven migration strategy, Kurmi will perform your transition with no service disruption.

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A long-lasting experience with Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution



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A cloud ready platform with all the tools to run your operations better and faster on Cisco HCS

Kurmi is the only management platform for Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution that can automate the entire lifecycle of a client, from "Day 0" to "Day 2":
virtual machines deployment, data collection, setup configuration, and user management.

Deployment automation for Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution

Kurmi enables Cisco HCS services providers to build on top of industry standards and Cisco recommendations to implement their best practices and to industrialize their deployment processes. You can integrate pre-planned deployment scenarios and engineering rules into the automation of the customer on-boarding/provisioning, simplify release management, increase productivity, and accelerate the billing of your new customers.

Flexible Service Design

Kurmi allows you dig into your Cisco HCS infrastructure capabilities to design the service bundles for your offering. You can mix and match feature sets, call permissions, device types and number of lines… You can be as creative as you want to differentiate from your competitors!

Kurmi comes with built-in connectors with the full Cisco Unified Communications suite (CUCM, Unity Connection, CUP, Spark Hybrid) and contact center (Cisco UCCX/PCCE) applications. You can easily adapt your services packages to answer to market requests.

With Kurmi, you manage your Cisco HCS offering based on your target customers’ needs (SMBs, large accounts, vertical markets) and not on technical requirements.

Simplify and delegate day-to-day management

Kurmi lets service provider automates all operations of moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACD). You can set-up standardized and repeatable processes, create system templates, access ranging numbers in real time, integrate Kurmi with your IT system (Active Directory, ITSM, ITOM) to achieve “zero touch provisioning”. By automating your operations, you save time and money while reducing the risk of human error.

By providing advanced multi-level delegation features, role-based management and user-friendly interfaces, Kurmi lets you delegate day-to-day management to your customers’ administrators or end-users, and autonomously manage users provisioning and MACD. Customers’ administrators can have a single view of their infrastructure, ressources and users.

Our selfcare “white label” portal enable your customers’ end-users to manage basic operations such as password resets, call-forwarding management or services activation.

Built for the Cloud


Dedicated database for each customer with the ability to host *
data-bases in different countries


Dedicated queue for each of your HCS customers so you never
face bottlenecks on your infrastructure

Open Architecture

API & SDK to integrate management in your Information System,
architecture and processes

Customization at will

Based on JavaScript. You won’t have to train your engineers to learn
proprietary programming languages

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