A unique software suite to simplify & automate provisioning on Microsoft 365/ Teams

We offer an easy to use application and a fully automated portal to perform all types of operations. Kurmi Software also allows you to deploy new sites and delegate simple tasks to local administrators or end users.

With Kurmi, you benefit from advanced automation for zero-touch provisioning with connectivity  to any Active Directory or ITSM (ServiceNow)

Une démo vaut mieux qu'un long discours...

No need to wait in front of your screen
with Kurmi’s asynchronous engine

Increase productivity, reduce admin headaches


Set profiles to meet your
admins’ needs


Isolate administration and
resources per site


Quickly locate available


Easily assign phone numbers
for direct routing


ITSM integration to allow
zero-touch provisioning


Track and record all
your operations


Run PowerShell scripts 
via a web platform


Control and secure the pace
of your migrations to Teams

One simple screen instead of complicated PowerShell scripts

Consolidates multiple tools into a single, powerful web portal with no PowerShell scripts required.

Say goodbye to the PowerShell command and automate MACD operations with Kurmi’s
intuitive, all in one portal.

Dial Plan Management

Managing and maintaining phone numbers on Teams is complex and time-consuming. It often requires a mix of spreadsheets and Powershell scripts, which is error-prone, especially when you have to collaborate within your operations team.

Kurmi provides a real-time overview of your dial-plan. Your operations team can easily assign available numbers, with no risk of allocation mistakes.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Your Microsoft experts should be focused on new projects and not everyday request tickets. With Kurmi, you can delegate day-to-day operations to non-technical staff such as helpdesk, local administrators, or HR assistants.

With advanced delegation features (role-based access control), as well as rollback and scheduling capabilities, you can simplify the setup and monitoring of your teams, with no compromise on security.

Decide who can do what, and for which users or organizations.

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